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Actively change your movement patterns to create a sense of space, ease of movement and joy in your body with the help of respected remedial massage therapist, Marion Vilkaitis at her Canberra studio situated at the Griffith Shops.

Living with pain and limited range of movement never feels good and understanding when and how to begin to improve requires compassion, experience, and dedication at your side to guide you through the maze.  Qualified in Remedial Massage, Marion is experienced in working with multi-disciplinary health teams to provide goal-oriented and client-focused outcomes for each person. Active listening, professionalism and insight are invaluable skills that Marion delivers in each remedial massage treatment that she undertakes.  She helps you to understand the oneness of body movement and the interplay between mind body and spirit coming from an evidence–based physical perspective yet rounded with a softer metaphysical understanding.

Starting as a classically trained remedial massage therapist, Marion has been and still is committed to continued education in the field of bio-mechanics and unwavering in her commitment to Natural Therapies.  Her understanding of movement in the human body translates to more than 20 years of successful outcomes for people that she works with.Remedial massage has significant evidence for being beneficial for a number of health conditions, such as: pain, autoimmune, inflammatory, mood and soft tissue conditions. Marion helps clients achieve their personal goals for each treatment, such as, reduced pain, improved range of movement, increased strength and improved sense of wellbeing by drawing on her extensive massage, exercise and movement training in a session that is a cross between remedial massage, Pilates and physiotherapy.  Marion achieves significant results practising remedial massage, coaching and instruction to improve movement patterns translating to individual goals being achieved thoroughly and with longevity in a collaborative, supported service style.