Juicing Basics

Juicing Basics

BMT Goal 2.5


Eating the whole fruit or vegetable is a recommended practice! There are many benefits of eating the whole vegetable or fruit, such as; – 1. The fibre it contains which is necessary for healthy digestion, 2. Eating the whole fruit or vegetable will assist in a full feeling, 3. The macronutrients such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and many others, 4. Naturally low in fats and 5. A host of broader health benefits from including these foods in the diet.

Juicing, is taking the whole vegetable or fruit and crushing it into a liquid that is very easily digested. Crushing your fresh produce makes enzymes more accessible for digestion that are otherwise locked away ihippocrates-juicer-red-1600x1600n the matrix of the fibre. There are instances when assisting someone to regain their wellbeing that preparing foods in a manner that is highly digestible is recommended to reduce digestive burden allowing the body to use the consumed energy to heal itself.


Not all juicers are created equal! The Crème De Le Crème is the Norwalk juicer, recommended for cancer patients and will provide a high quality crushed juice that is so pure it can be kept in the fridge for 3 days without fermenting.

See link http://www.norwalkjuicers.com/

Stepping away from the Norwalk juicer is the Hippocrates Juicer, which is a satisfactory alternative to the Norwalk. The two biggest points of difference between the two are; 1. The Norwalk can create pulp free juice as stated above and 2. The Norwalk juicer can extract every bit of value out of the produce; when purchasing organic produce this is a consideration in terms of value for money. Marion personally owns a Hippocrates Juicer and she has been very satisfied it has fit the bill very well being part of her daily routine in managing her autoimmune condition.

See link   http://www.echolife.com.au/products/greenpower-hippocrates-plus-twin-gear-juicer-white?gclid=CJ2EwcG4idACFQsqvQodGH0HAw

Essentially the Hippocrates juicer is an auging (pronounced orging) juicer. An auger is a machine that crushes. It is recommended to purchase an auging juicer over a centrifugal juicer. A centrifugal juicer is better than nothing but unfortunately tests have shown that it gets warm from the spinning action, which has a detrimental effect on the living enzymes that are the desired outcome of the process of juicing.

The Recipe

The green juice recipe below is slightly adapted to ingredients that are readily available from most organic produce suppliers across Australia. The recipe was first put together by Dr Max Gerson for the treatment of migraines, tuberculosis and then cancer. These ingredients are very specific to the recipe. Not all green juices are created equal, if you are struggling with a chronic condition it is recommended you call to have a consultation with Marion before commencing your juicing routine.

Considering autoimmune conditions, in most cases the healing process will take 1 to 2 years. In the initial stages of the healing process, I recommend taking 2 juices daily. 1 juice daily is generally speaking a maintenance routine. Please take ample water when juicing to assist in the detoxification process.

If you are taking a number of pharmaceuticals for your health condition, please discuss with your health professional about the suitability of including juicing into your wellness routine.

Green Juice Recipe

Serves one. Each serve will give you approximately 0.5kg or 20% towards the goal of 2.5kg vegetable consumption daily.


  • Organic Green Apple, 1/2 small, approx 100g
  • Organic Green capsicum, 1/2 small, approx 100g
  • Organic Silverbeet, 2 x small leaves, approx 40g
  • Organic Purple cabbage, small matchbox size piece, approx 20g
  • Organic Cos Lettuce, 7 large leaves, approx 240g


  • Core the apple to remove all seeds
  • Core the green capsicum to remove all seeds
  • Remove as much of the white stem of the silverbeet as possible
  • Juice all ingredients and enjoy

Recipe Variation

To make up quantity you can add 1 x Endive leaf, 2 x beetroot leaves, 2 x sprigs watercress.