Pre and Post Massage

Pre and Post Massage

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Preparation For Massage

A very simplified and generalised understanding of remedial massage is the process of loosening and opening tissue to promote blood supply and lengthen said congested tissue. The outcome of the process is a sense of spaciousness, reduced discomfort and ease of movement. To achieve this the therapist will induce sensations and possibly pain in a process of breaking up adhesions in the fascia, promoting healthy movement of the filaments of the muscle fibres and mobilising joints.

In order to minimise any additional discomfort it is recommended to:-

  • Drink plenty of water before a massage treatment
  • Refrain from consuming stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate, high sugar foods and alcohol; and
  • Refrain from consuming high fat foods

Post Massage Care

Inflammation is a very natural and needed process in the human body. The human body has a number of checks and balances to keep inflammation to a minimum, promoting wellbeing.

You may have had inflammation present in your body before having your remedial massage treatment, identified by a sense of stiffness and possibly pain. The process of remedial massage can trigger inflammation also, as the therapist will be manually changing the ground state of the connective tissue and using pressure to induce improved blood supply to trigger points within muscle tissue the likelihood of inflammation is increased.

  • I recommend you apply some Arnica cream to the treated area
  • Continue with the pre-massage care points
  • Consume adequate water
  • Continue with gentle, fluid movements of the body; and
  • Rest