The sedentary workplace – back and hip pain

The sedentary workplace – back and hip pain

There is no getting away from the fact that the human body is designed at every level to move and be moved regularly.  The modern sedentary lifestyle is just not serving us well in this regard.  You may be fortunate to move about frequently in your current role.  If not, then continue reading

Back Pain

You don’t have to suffer from back and hip pain

I am regularly asked by clients experiencing back and neck discomfort; do you think that this is coming from how I use my desk?

The simple answer is yes, but like most things there is a bit more to it coming from a clinical context.  Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University states that the body needs to be moved every 20 minutes for at least a minute.  This is good advice.  If your workplace can cover the cost, I will always recommend a sit to stand desk.

Sitting for extended periods is not only a sedentary behaviour but prolonged sitting shortens the Iliopsoas group of muscles along with the deep front line of fascia deep within the pelvis.  This will cause back and hip discomfort in clients predisposed to this pattern.

If you are experiencing back and or hip discomfort I recommend coming in for a complimentary assessment as soon as you can.

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