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Marion has worked with many clients over the years that have significant health issues that impact pain, movement and their ability to undertake exercise.

Marion offers a 30-minute Complimentary Assessment.  The purpose of this offer is for those clients that have several complicating factors affecting their case.  This session does not include any treatment.  The offer is an opportunity for the client to meet Marion and for Marion to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s case.

You know you are not feeling on top of your game; energy is low or changeable and living with good days and bad days of pain and discomfort can sometimes get you down.

If your health story has some complexities, sometimes choosing a practitioner can be daunting.  It is Marion’s experience, complexities to the case usually translates to those that have tried multiple practitioners, treatments, therapies, medications etc, but are still searching for some relief or peace of mind.  This once off 30-minute complimentary service is made available as a service to those that understand their health story has some complexities and would like to have a conversation before agreeing to include Marion as a member of your health team.

During your complimentary assessment, Marion will capture as much information as possible in the time allowed.  The purpose of capturing this information is to not only assist in potential treatments but work with you to clarify your goals and desired outcomes of pursuing continued treatment.

It is recommended that you spend some time before your consultation answering these couple of questions

  • What are my overall health goals?

  • What do I want Marion to assist me with?

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