Gyrotonic Movement Method®

  • Improves suppleness of the whole body
  • Builds core strength, balance and agility
  • Increases flexibility and coordination
  • Complements physical therapy and injury rehabilitation work
  • Counteracts ‘computer backs’ – improves posture, opens up chest and shoulders and alleviates neck tension
  • Decreases stress – Focusing on the breath with rhythmic, flowing movements
  • Rejuvenates the body – a session makes you feel like you have had a full body massage

I made the decision to include the Gyrotonic Movement Method® into my practice because I personally experienced significant improvement for a long-standing neck issue that I had been struggling to improve using massage, Pilates and Yoga.

The Gyrotonic Movement Method® has some similarities to yoga, tai chi and swimming.  The beauty of these similarities, centred around an emphasis on rotation and spiralling movements, is that the architecture of the body’s musculature and connective tissue are laid in spiral patterns over the skeletal structure. It is this combined logicbrought together with utilising the breath that translates to being able to move as nature intended.  With ease!

The  Gyrotonic® method uses specially designed equipment that allows complete freedom of movement. Circular, spiralling and flowing movements move the spine and other joints through their entire range of motion, stimulating and strengthening the connective tissues while also increasing strength and flexibility. The smooth, even resistance offered by the equipment is completely adjustable, meaning that this low impact method can be practiced by everyone regardless of age, fitness or injury.

The Gyrotonic® method also offers the mind/body benefits of practicing yoga. The continuous flowing movements are synchronised with the breath and performed with rhythm. This results in a cardiovascular workout that can either be gentle or rigorous depending on the speed or intensity with which you choose to perform the movements.

Whether you are an elite athlete or recovering from an injury, Gyrotonic® strengthens functional, coordinated movements that relate to and vastly improve your everyday life and sports/activities.

Join me and discover how good your body is designed to feel!

Complimentary Assessment

Marion has worked with many clients over the years that have significant health issues that impact pain, movement and their ability to undertake exercise.

Marion offers a 30-minute Complimentary Assessment.  The purpose of this offer is for those clients that have several complicating factors affecting their case.  This session does not include any treatment.  The offer is an opportunity for the client to meet Marion and for Marion to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s case.