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Simplicity is the key…… Relaxation Massage or Swedish Massage is an opportunity to decompress or take some time out of the flow of life to create some much needed space and sense of Ahhhhh or pause.

Choosing a BMT Relaxation Massage is a choice towards creating a space to decompress which feels good; the reason it feels good is because we all need to hit the pause button at varying intervals throughout the journey of life to firstly process the volume of events that we participate in and secondly to create space to prepare for new events to come into our lives.

Marion will perform long, deep and slow effleurage strokes to firstly quiet the body which in turn will start to quiet the mind.  The massage strokes that she uses will be targeting the superficial layers of the fascia, which will soften during the massage to allow fresh blood to flow through otherwise tight tissue, improve nerve conduction through otherwise tight tissue, ease pressure of tight tissue on neighbouring joints and translate to a sense of ease of movement once the massage is completed.

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