Remedial Massage Canberra


Remedial Massage is a very broad term used to describe manual therapy techniques used by a therapist to create change in the soft tissue of the body.  Generally speaking, there is a reason behind the choice of undertaking a Remedial Massage; most reasons fall into pain, tightness and or limited range of movement.

A BMT Remedial Massage is a choice to not only treat the symptoms leading to the Remedial Massage but also to understand what has caused or is leading to the symptoms being experienced.  If you would like to know more about treating the cause of your symptoms; follow the link to Wholistic Remedial Massage Click Here to Book. 

Marion is trained in a number of manual therapy techniques and she will utilise some or all as needed for each individual case.  Marion generally works in episodes of a small number of manual therapy sessions before providing some time for the soft tissue to re-organise itself once changed.   A BMT Remedial Massage will provide relief from pain, tightness and or limited range of movement.

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Note:  All manual therapies will include sensations felt throughout the body; some sensations are pleasurable and others are not.  The definition of pain that Marion uses is:-

“Sensation accompanied with the feeling of wanting to get away from it.”

Sometimes pain is inevitable, that being said, pain does not always translate to a satisfactory outcome of the massage or soft tissue treatment.  Discomfort is a sensation and is usually tolerable; on the other hand, pain is when the discomfort is felt in a way that is requested to stop for the comfort of that person.