Remedial Massage Canberra

Over 25 years’ experience assisting clients to

  • reduce pain
  • Relieve tightness
  • Return to a chosen exercise

Marion will utilise several manual therapy techniques skilfully to achieve each person’s therapeutic outcomes.

What is it?

Remedial Massage is a very broad term used to describe focused manual therapy techniques to facilitate change in the soft tissue structures of the body.  Generally speaking, there is a reason behind the choice for undertaking a Remedial Massage; these are generally pain and or limited range of movement.

Remedial Massage differs from Relaxation Massage in that Relaxation Massage generally uses long smooth strokes that provides a sense of flow and thereby a sense of relaxation.  Conversely, Remedial Massage sessions are centered around a specific therapeutic outcome that is identified to either reduce pain and or improve range of movement.  Remedial Massage techniques are generally deep, slow and deliberate and will not always require the application of oil.

How is BMT Different?

There is strong evidence that Remedial Massage applied intelligently will reduce pain and improve range of movement.  Marion will include the Gyrotonic Movement Method® to re-train the changes made from massage.  The combination of the two therapies, anecdotally, reduces pain and relieves tightness as well as creating sustained changes to the patterns that led to the pain and tightness initially.

Marion offers a Complimentary 30-minute Assessment.  The purpose of this offer is for those clients that have several complicating factors affecting their case.  This session does not include any treatment.  The offer is an opportunity for the client to meet Marion and for Marion to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s case.

What to expect at BMT

Marion provides a 75-minute initial consultation to allow more time for discussing relevant information to your case.  Subsequent sessions are generally 60-minutes including consultation and treatment.

Marion requests that you wear stretchy comfortable clothing to each session.  There are facilities to change clothing if needed.