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BMT Wholisitic Remedial Massage is unique to Brindabella Movement Therapies.  Marion has extended her knowledge and training of biomechanics to include nutrition.  Understanding the biochemical environment that the soft tissue functions in underpins substantial and sustainable outcomes.  Sessions are a combination of remedial massage, instruction on functional movement patterns and education about diet and lifestyle.

Marion will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire at the outset of the consultations.  The first benefit of the information given in the questionnaire will allow Marion to create a starting point of the consultation journey, provide some measurement of success against the goal/s of the consultation/s which provide a base of review for Marion and the client.

The second benefit of the information given is that Marion can assess the health story for each client and provide information and education about the biochemistry, or more simply, the environment that the soft tissue is working in which is affecting the ability of the soft tissue to function efficiently and without discomfort.

Marion is trained in a number of manual therapy techniques and she will utilise some or all as needed for each individual case.  Marion generally works in episodes of a small number of manual therapy sessions before providing some time for the soft tissue to re-organise itself once changed.    Concurrent to the manual therapy sessions is the re-education to change the biochemistry that the soft tissue functions in through diet.  Making changes to the biochemistry of the body through diet will translate to reduced pain, increased range of movement and overall changes that can be sustained indefinitely.

Note:  All manual therapies will include sensations felt throughout the body; some sensations are pleasurable and others are not.  The definition of pain that Marion uses is:-

“Sensation accompanied with the feeling of wanting to get away from it.”

Sometimes pain is inevitable, that being said, pain does not always translate to a satisfactory outcome of the massage or soft tissue treatment.  Discomfort is a sensation and is usually tolerable; on the other hand, pain is when the discomfort is felt in a way that is requested to stop for the comfort of that person